Why do I base my romantic relationships on astrology?

After having her heart broken by a Gemini man, Emily Hawtin started to base her interactions with men of what zodiac sign they belonged too. She turned down any air signs, laughed in the faces of fire signs, and even decided to be in a relationship with her current boyfriend because he was an Earth sign like her. So, Emily asked an Astrology guru whether her personal vendetta against air sign men holds valid reasoning, or is she just a little crazy?

Are you a Leo, or a Scorpio, or do you not give a shit?

In this life I have noticed that people either fit into one of the two categories: you either care about Zodiac signs, or you could care less. You are either that person who reads your daily horoscope, and bases your relationships or life decisions on what zodiac signs the people around you are. Or, you are the person who views the latter as ‘freaks’, and rolls your eyes whenever you hear someone say, “Oh my god I am such a Leo!”

A report by WGSN showcased that 62% of Gen Z, and 63% of millennials agree that their zodiac sign accurately represents their personality, with many even basing their life choices on it. You may think what a load of bullsh*t, but I have to confess…that I am a complete star sign addict too. Everyone that knows me knows that I base my entire life around star signs. So much so, that when I start a new job or enter a new relationship, the first thing I ask someone is: “What is your star sign?” 

For some context, the addiction started when I kept being played by men who were all air signs. It felt like every man I met in a club or at a bar ended up being a Gemini, or a Libra, and as a Virgo woman, we were complete opposites. 

Where air signs are unpredictable, a little crazy, and impulsive, earth signs are brutally honest, grounded, and practical. Therefore, I found that every time I dated a Gemini or Libra man, they were always too aloof. They never said what they wanted, played too hard to get, and never wore their heart on their sleeve. Which pissed me off as a Virgo woman, as I wanted a truthful answer to where the relationship was heading, but they always answered with “I don’t know”. I just wanted to shake them and scream: “What do you want from me?”

So ever since I got my heartbroken by a devious Gemini, I based all my interactions and personal connections with men on astrology. I noted my personal experience with each of the male zodiac signs and concluded that: 

  1.  Aries men= funny but too angry.
  2. Taurus= Love my fellow earth signs so much.
  3. Gemini men= Eff off.
  4. Cancer= Cute but a little unemotional.
  5. Leo= Funny and kind.
  6. Virgo= Bit cocky.
  7. Libra= Think the world revolves around them.
  8. Scorpio= Manipulative, and usually has a dark side.
  9. Sagitarius= Funny but are always fuck boys.
  10. Capricorn- Moody little grandads but I loved them.
  11. Aquarius= Unique.
  12. Pisces= Funniest sign, but very oblivious and can be a little manipulative too.

Obviously this isn’t always true, as my best friend from home is a Sagittarius, and my closest friend at University was a Gemini! Arghhh! But I think our friendships worked, as their fiery and bubbly personalities brought out a spontaneous side to me, yet my grounded and logical characteristics aided them when they needed a method to their madness.

So, I asked Zia Kusumawardini– an Astrologer and author, who portrays her knowledge on TikTok- whether my decision to base my romantic connections on star signs held some truth, and why did I hate Gemini men so much?

She said: “The science behind zodiac signs is rooted in astrology, an ancient practice rather than a modern scientific discipline. Astrology examines the positions and movements of celestial bodies and their influence on human personality and behaviour. Therefore, astrology remains a symbolic and interpretive tool to understanding relationships.”

Now the boring science part is over, let’s get to the juicy bit. I asked Zia why I always had such bad experiences with male air signs?

 Zia said: “Virgo as an earth sign, possesses characteristics that are quite different from those of air signs. Earth signs are grounded, practical, and structured, whereas air signs are light, adaptable, and free-spirited. Earth is predictable and solid, while air is unpredictable and formless. This fundamental difference can lead to misunderstandings and clashes, as each sign operates in ways that feel unnatural to the other. 

“Earth signs, including Virgo, can sometimes be rigid and set in their ways. So introducing the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that air signs bring can help earth signs become more flexible and open-minded. Embracing friendships with those who are different from us can ultimately enrich our lives and broaden our horizons.”

Whilst I appreciate the positivity, I am warning my fellow earth signs, don’t bother with air signs romantically; it’s not worth it. But it is interesting to see how the different zodiac personalities in a friendship can bring out better qualities in one another, like my strange friendships with Gemini and Sagittarius women.

 Lastly, I asked Zia if there was a reason behind why I bonded so well with Taurus’ and she said: “As a Virgo, you likely resonate with Taurus because both of you are earth signs, sharing fundamental qualities and values. This natural affinity means that you intuitively understand each other’s perspectives and behaviours. You both appreciate stability, practicality, and reliability, which forms a solid foundation for your relationships. This shared ground makes it easier for you to connect on a deeper level, fostering harmonious and lasting bonds.”

I knew it! I have always told my Taurus boyfriend that the reason we bond so well is because our zodiac signs belong to the same Earth house. I am not crazy, my predictions were right. 

So whether you are a mystic meg like me, or couldn’t care less, I urge you to check the zodiac signs of your friendships or romantic partners that you have interacted with. See if they oppose or appeal to your own sign, and maybe it could open your eyes to why you argue or bond to them so much. 

Expert insight: Zia Kusumawardini

Zia Kusumawardini is an astrologer and author who goes by the name of the ‘Cosmic Cannibal’. She has accumulated a loyal fan base on TikTok, and published her novel called ‘Jupiter returns’ to share her astrology knowledge publicly.