Bridgerton: Dear The Spectator, we’ve not finished yet!

After this weeks controversial article by The Spectator, written by Zoe Strimpel, she highlighted her inability to understand why Bridgerton’s fictional storyline would cast a woman who doesn’t fit the perfect body shape she apparently had in mind when she read the books.

Our very own writer, Chloe Evans, responded with a letter addressed to The Spectator, and to anyone who was confused if this was inappropriate, unfair and all round disgusting- because we think it is.

We asked more people what they thought to this published monstrosity…

The psychology of queer awakenings

The psychology of queer awakenings

When I realised I like women as well as men it was like someone switched the lights on. But what actually happens in our brain during a queer awakening? Saturday night is movie night at my family home. Every week we’d argue over the film to watch. I wanted to watch...