OPINION: Will I ever stop hearing about Bridgerton?

My life for the last few years has been plagued by talk of Bridgerton and I have had enough. Let me watch my thrillers in peace and give the Bridgerton talk a rest, I beg of you.

As I sit writing this piece at my desk, Patrick Batemen is catching the corner of my eye. He is sprawled across the wall to my left on an American Psycho poster, which I am not ashamed to say is my favourite film. 

I must admit, I think part of the obsession is due to a slight crush on Christian Bale, who looks drop dead gorgeous. (If you don’t believe me just google ‘American Psycho morning routine scene’)

While a bit of on screen eye candy is always going to keep me engaged, the stark contrast between the gore and depravity is what locks me in. This dark insight into the mind of a completely psychotic serial killer fascinates me. 

A morbid curiosity is how I would best describe it and it dictates almost any decision I make when it comes to what it is I want to watch, hear or read. 

Some of my friends have mocked this strange interest, but according to research morbid curiosity ‘manifests as a balance between the costs of exposure to morbid content and the perceived benefits of learning about that content.’

By that definition, it looks like I am normal, phew.

Now it would be a lie to say I never consume anything other than true crime, thriller or horror, but other genres are definitely not my favourite. It looks like I am not the only ghoul either, as a survey conducted by YouGov reported that half of Americans also enjoy the genre. 

Despite my preferences when a new series or movie takes the world by storm, it usually comes up in conversation. 

Before I continue I’m sorry for bringing this time up, so this is your trigger warning. 

During the pandemic, I was working in a supermarket and it became very apparent that there was one TV show that was dominating the many hours people had to kill during lockdown. 

Talk of Bridgerton was filling up the aisles and staffroom. Old and young colleagues were united over the joint love of the show, which didn’t sound like my cup of tea. 

Even when I got home I couldn’t escape Bridgerton. As soon as I switched on the telly there it was, plastered across my Netflix homepage. However I just couldn’t bring myself to put it on.

Seems quite funny looking back when I was living in a world literally locked down, that I would still prefer to watch something as equally depressing. 

Fast forward to today and the Bridgerton buzz is back, with the release of the third series. I know you should always try something before you say you don’t like it, but I still don’t get the hype. 

To me the thought of watching a series of people finding a partner, sex and romance is not enticing. Please don’t hate me when I say I haven’t watched it and have no plans on watching in the future. 

For now I’m sticking with my dose of darkness so don’t bother telling me how great Bridgerton is because quite frankly I don’t care. 

Featured image: Adobe Stock